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Arts 130: Religion: the good and the bad: Using the Library

Dana Porter Library self-guided tour

"Porter" houses materials of interest to researchers in the Arts and Social Sciences. It also has wonderful work spaces. Start your tour on any floor and just explore. 

Clickable floor plans

1st floor (basement)

2nd floor (main floor)

Dana Porter Library's Waterloo Reads: popular books, main floor

3rd floor

Dana Porter Library's Sims Reading Room, 3rd floor

4th and 5th floors - staff only

6th - 10th floors

  • Great views, stop and take a look
  • Find a floor that suits the day

Silent study: floors 7 & 8
Quiet study: floors 6 & 9
Group study: floor 10

Dana Porter Library's, 6th floor bookshelves

Dana Porter Library

Dana Porter Library, University of Waterloo main campus, Fall 2020