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Studies in Islam: Arab Media

Arabic Media Links

This page provides links to Internet sites about Islam and Muslims.  It also provides criteria and useful links for evaluating web resources.

Arabic Media Online

-Aswaat Arabiyya - an excellent archive of videos, sorted by level of difficulty. You can even slow down the video speed.

-Arabic phone conversations - an excellent archive of phone conversations in Egyptian, Levantine, and Iraqi Arabic. You can sort by dialect, topic, and difficulty level.

-Arabic Language and Iraqi Dialect Through Dialogue - a nice collection of dialogues, 48 in standard Arabic (beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels), and 55 in Iraqi Arabic.

-Arabic Webcasts - the news in simplified Arabic, including accompanying exercises. The site hasn't been updated in a long time, but there's still a good archive of material.

-BBC Arabic - includes streaming video and radio news.

 -The Clash of Ignorance - The Must-Watch TEDx Talk on Islamophobia.

Television News

- Al Jazeera (website | online stream | YouTube channel)

- Al Arabiya (website | online stream - not available in the US | YouTube channel)

- France24 - Click on the banner reading البث المباشر to watch their live stream.

- wwiTV - streaming TV channels from many different countries.

- HD44 - a great collection of streaming Arabic TV channels and other video, including news and entertainment



- Sahafa Online

Egypt                               Lebanon

- Al Ahram                        - An Nahar

- Al Akhbar                       Iraq

- Al Gomhuria                   - Az Zaman

- Al Masry Al Youm         Saudi Arabia

- Al Mesryoon                  - Al Watan

- Al Shorouk                    United Arab Emirates

- Al Wafd                         - Al Bayan

- Nahdet Misr                  - Al Ittihad                             

Jordan                             - Dar Al Khaleej   

- Al Rai                            

- Ad Dustour                                                        


- Al Quds                         





- Akher Sa'a

- Akhbar El Nogoom (entertainment news)

- Sayidaty (women's magazine)


- The Arabic


- Farfesh

- Mazakony forum

- Eftekes forum (free registration required)

- - streaming Arabic music (RealPlayer required)

- La7oon lyrics (registration required) - Arabic lyrics site

- Arabic Song Lyrics & Translation - translations and lyrics to more than 600 Arabic songs.

- Arabic Lyrics Translation forum - features a large archive of song translations, and you can request (or post your own) translations of Arabic songs.

- Song Translations - a bellydance website featuring lyrics in both transliterated and translated form.

- Song Lyrics - more translated/transliterated lyrics from another bellydance site.

- Asra Bellydance song translations


- Al Arab - a great archive of streaming movies and TV shows

- Arab Cima - another archive of streaming movies and TV shows, including dubbed American movies. In general, fantasy and historical dramas are dubbed into standard Arabic, and contemporary-set comedies and dramas are dubbed into either Levantine or Egyptian Arabic. There are also some dubbed TV shows.



- Al Mumiyaa' (The Mummy/The Night of Counting the Years) - a famous 1969 film with dialogue entirely in fuSHa. Subtitled version here.

- YouTube user omar1980TV - many full movies, mostly old ones, starring such actors as Soad Hosni, Ismail Yassin, Farid al Atrache, Fatin Hamama, Abdel Halim Hafez, and others.

- YouTube user Hind0Rostom - a large collection of full movies starring Hind Rostom.

- Rotana Cinema - Arabic movies online

Entertainment Television & Video

- MBC - streaming video of full episodes of many shows. Not available in the US.

- Sonara - Scroll down to choose from TV series, movies, and TV programs

- Ikbis - originally designed as an Arabic version of YouTube; you can now browse their channels to watch cooking shows, animation, and other videos.

- MTV Lebanon

- Shankaboot - a Lebanese web series

Radio, Podcasts, & Other Audio

- Archive of episodes from ساعة لقلبك - a famous Egyptian comedy radio show from the '50s and '60s.

- France24 - Monte Carlo Doualiya - Click on the link at the bottom reading البث المباشر to listen to their radio stream.

- BBC Xtra podcast - the BBC's flagship Arabic podcast, covering social and human interest issues. Updated daily with approximately half hour long podcasts.

- Al-Kitaab Podcasts

- ArabicPod - over 100 beginner-level Arabic podcasts available for free (with registration); however, for access to higher-level podcasts, a subscription is required.