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Centre for Career Action Session: Get Started

Session given for the Centre for Career Action in September 2010 by Sandra Keys and Marian Davies and updated September 2015

About This Guide

This guide was designed for a session for the Centre for Career Action given in September 2010 by Sandra Keys and Marian Davies. Updated September 2015.

It includes sources of

Company Information

Industry Information

Labour Market Information

Searching Factiva - Quick Tips

Find news, company information, industry information...

Using the Search Builder Free Text Search (default)

You can just enter your search terms (with appropriate connectors - see Examples) or you can narrow your search using one of the indexes.

To access the index, click on the white triangle to the left. This opens up the search and browse options. If searching, type in the term and then click on the purple button. To add a resulting term to your search, click on it. Do NOT click on the blue arrow to the right of the term as this will result in error messages when you execute the search. After adding the term by clicking on it, it will appear beside the index in purple. To deselect the term, click on it again.
e.g. I want to search just the Globe and Mail, so I click on the white triangle beside Source, type in Globe and Mail, and select Publication: The Globe and Mail (Canada) by clicking on it.

Using the Companies/Markets tab

Get snapshot company information, historical quotes (prices), and charts. Information is downloadable, either as CSV (for numbers) or pdf (for company snapshots).

For quotes,

  • Select the instrument (stock, fund, currency, market index)
  • Enter the symbol in the box or click on the Get Symbol box to locate it (remember that some symbols may be used by different companies depending on where they are located, so it's always a good idea to use the Get Symbol to make sure you have the correct company, etc.)
  • Select Current Quote or Historical Quote (Historical Quotes are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and for various time periods depending on the basis chosen

The Company and Charting options work similarly.


Searching LexisNexis Academic - Quick Tips

Find news, company information, industry information...

Searching for News (general, company, industry, etc.)

When searching for news, I recommend using the Search by Subject or Topic option  on the LNA main page, NOT the search box on the main page, which offers limited options.

From the Search by Subject or Topic, choose All News. You are returned to the LNA main page. Now select Advanced Options. Enter your search terms and select from the various options and indexes as needed for your search.

Searching Specific Source(s)

Use the Source Directory links at the top of the LNA main page.

Use Browse to filter by publication type, location, and topic.

Use Find if you are looking for a specific publication or publications.

Searching for Company Information

Select one of the Company options from Search by Subject or Topic.

Information can be printed, saved, and/or downloaded. Information/Reports (e.g., Snapshot) can be downloaded as a pdf, Word, RTF, or text document. Financial information can also be downloaded into Excel. Approximately 3 years worth of financials are available.


Get LOTS more information and help from the Academic Knowledge Centre ( This Guide is also available in the left menu of the LNA main page.

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