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Communication Arts: Find Plays
and Monologues

What are Primary Sources?


Firsthand observations of a time, person, event, or material culture associated with a time, person, or event.

Some types

newspapers ... magazines ... diaries ... letters ... proclamations ... speeches ... minutes ... photographs .. paintings  ... military,  church,  synagogue records ... menus ... train schedules ...  theatre tickets

Lacey Street Theatre Ticket, text shows location and price
Source: Francisco San Martin, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons. 

Find Plays in the Library Catalogue

To find plays in the Library, search by play title and/or playwright in the library catalogue.

Databases Containing Plays and/or Performances

Find Monologues in the Library Catalogue

To find monologues in the Library, search by keywords such as monologue, soliloquy, and audition in the library catalogue.

Databases and Websites Containing Monologues

Audio-Visual Materials at Waterloo

Audio-visual materials are managed by the University's Information Systems & Technology (ITS) department.

Search the Media catalog for recordings of productions and other fims.

Materials are available for viewing in classroom as well as in viewing facilities located in MC 1050.

For more information about film viewing, please see Information Systems & Technology.