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Newspapers: Ontario English-Language 19th century: Perth - Smiths Falls

The microfilm collection

All film sets are located on the 1st floor (basement) of the Dana Porter Library.

Drawers of microfilm, one opened

Collection's Scope

Ontario, English language community newspapers. Dates span most of the 19th century but some run as late as the 1970s.


Use the tabs above or the Search box above to locate a community. The newspapers and their coverage are listed under that community.  Make note of the newspaper's microfilm "MIC S" call number.

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The film sets are located on the 1st floor (basement) of the Dana Porter Library. They are filed by their "MIC S" call number.

Staff can help you locate the film and use the micro reader-scanners.

Digital Versions

Some of these newspapers have been digitized by OurDigitalWorld as part of Our Ontario.

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Perth - Queenston


Bathurst Courier and Ottawa General Advertiser. 1834 - 1856//

Library has: Aug. 1834 - May 1845; June 1846 - Jan. 1970.
MIC S489

Title varies: later Perth Courier. Absorbed Perth Expositor, supersedes Independent Examiner.


Hallowell Free Press. 1830-1834//

Library has: Dec. 28, 1830 - Nov. 19, 1834.

Became the Free Press in 1833. Was superseded by Traveller, or Prince Edward Gazette, later Gazette.


Welland Advocate and Review. 1852- (?)

Library has: Feb. 13, 1852 - April 10, 1852.
MIC SC75 No. 9


Colonial Advocate. See Toronto section.


St. Catharines - Smiths Falls


British American Journal. 1834-1835//

Library has: Jan. 28, 1834 - Sept. 24, 1835.
MIC SC75 No. 1

Formed by the union of Farmers Journal and the British Colonial Argus.

British Colonial Argus. 1833-1834//

Library has: Aug. 6, 1833 - Jan. 11, 1834
MIC SC75 No. 2

Merged with Farmers Journal on January 28, 1834 to form the British American Journal.

Farmers Journal and Welland Canal Intelligencer. 1826-1835//

Library has: Feb. 1, 1826 - Sept. 19, 1833.
MIC SC75 No. 4

Merged with British Colonial Argus to form the British American Journal on January. 28, 1834. It became the St. Catharines Journal on October 15, 1835.

Merchants Herald. 1871- (?)

Library has: Dec. 9, 1871 issue.
MIC SC75 No.5

Niagara Mail. See Niagara section.

MIC SC62 No. 9

Niagara Spectator. See Niagara section.

MIC SC62 No. 12

St. Catharines Constitutional. 1850-1871//

Library has: Feb. 18, 1852 - Jan 2, 1868; Jan. 2, 1862 - April 27, 1871.
MIC SC75 No. 3

St. Catharines Journal. 1835-1919 (?)

Library has: Oct. 15, 1835 - Sept. 5, 1861; Jan. 2, 1862 - Dec. 31, 1873.
MIC SC75 No. 6

From 1826 to 1835 this newspaper was called the Farmers Journal and Welland Canal Intelligencer. On January 28, 1834 the Farmers Journal joined with the British Colonial Argus to form the British American Journal. From 1835 to 1915 (?), it was published as the St. Catharines Journal and from 1859 to 1919 (?) as the Evening Journal.

Weekly News. 1872-1919// (?)

Library has: Oct. 17, 1872 - Oct 9, 1873.
MIC SC75 No. 8

The Weekly Times; and Lincoln, Welland and Monck Reformer. 1872-1875// (?)

Library has: Oct 25, 1872 - April 30, 1875.
MIC SC75 No. 7


St. Thomas Liberal. 1832-1837//

Library has: Sept. 20, 1832 - Oct 10, 1833.


Weekly Dispatch. 1853 - 1876//

Library has: Jan. 1853 - July 1876.

Scattered issues are missing. Title varies: Weekly Dispatch, St. Thomas, Port Stanley, and County of Elgin Advertiser, Weekly Dispatch and County of Elgin General Advertiser.


Historical and descriptive newspapers relating to the city of Sarnia and county of Lambton, ON.


This reel contains issues from Sarnia Daily Observer, Sarnia Canadian Observer, Lambton County Council, Kiwanis Builder, Financial Post and Sarnia Gazette.


Huron Expositor. 1869 - .

Library has: Jan. 1869 - Dec. 1920.
MIC S492

Scattered issues are missing.  Also published as The Expositor.


Smiths Falls Record News. 1887 - .

Library has: 1887 - 1978.
MIC S490

Scattered issues are missing. Title varies: Rideau Record, Record News.