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Fire Research: Find "Grey Literature"

A guide supporting the MEng program in Fire Risk Analysis research.

What is "Grey Literature"? And Why Do You Want It?

Issued by agencies, corporations, government, departments, and research groups as opposed to mainstream publishers, grey literature fills in a lot of gaps that are not covered in the regular literature. While it is often not peer-reviewed it may be the only place you find the information.

We Don't Have Everything.

Finding grey literature is only half the battle, the next step is getting your hands on a copy.


  • Interlibrary loan (ILL)
  • Google and other web search engines
  • Your personal network
  • Contact the author(s)
  • Contact the issuing agency
  • Be prepared to purchase

 Another tactic is to search for more articles by the author of the paper you found. Sometimes people will issue a couple of conference papers or technical reports before finally getting the work assembled and published in a mainstream journal.


Take a look at the Finding Standards & Codes Research Guide to see points of access for these different standards.