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Biomedical Engineering: Research Databases

Accessing Research

Research Databases:

During your coursework or capstone project, you may require background research to support your design decisions. Research databases are your best source for scholarly literature. They provide a collection of digital materials such as journal articles, theses, and patents that have been catalogued and professionally curated.

Choosing the correct database for your search is important, as they cover a wide variety of topics from psychology, education, clinical medicine, and more.

Remember, Google Scholar is not a research database; it is a web search engine.

Accessing Articles:

Many databases have a GetIt!@Waterloo button beside each abstract.

Get it at Waterloo image identifier

If the Library subscribes to that journal online, this link can be a quick way to connect to the article.

Off campus? Use this link to connect to Library resources:

"Get access from anywhere" link.

Key databases

Top Resources for Biomedical and Systems Design Engineering:

General Resources:

Health and Biomedical Resources:

News Sources and Business Reports: