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BIOL 130L Research Guide: Searching for Sources

In this section, you will find help with

Finding Information Resources Searching databases for articles Specific database overviews and introductions

Including direct access to 

  • journals and articles
  • e-books
  • theses and dissertations 
  • genes and sequences

Help and strategies for searching databases like

  • Pubmed
  • Scopus
  • PsychInfo
  • and more


Lab Specific Search Terms


Lab  Narrow Search Terms to Try [?] Broad Search Terms to Try [?] Example Searches

Lab 4:

Isolation of Some Macromolecules

protein, nucleic acid

isolation, fractionation, hydrolysis 



Broad Search:

macromolecules AND isolation

Narrow Search:

(protein OR "nucleic acid" OR isolation) AND (fractionation OR hydrolysis) 


Lab 5:

Characterization of Some Macromolecules

protein, nucleic acid, adenine, cytosine,

uracil, alanine, histidine, aspartic acid, lysine, methionine

paper chromatography



Broad Search:

macromolecules AND chromatography

Narrow Search:

(protein OR "nucleic acid" OR adenine OR cytosine OR uracil OR alanine OR histidine OR "aspartic acid" OR lysine OR methionine) AND "paper chromatography"

Lab 6:


spectroscopy, spectrophotometer

absorbance spectum

concentration curve

Lambert-Beer Law


Biochemistry, cell biology


Broad Search:

(biochemistry OR "cell biology" AND spectroscopy

Narrow Search:

(spectroscopy OR spectrophotometer) AND (absorbance OR concentration OR "lambert-beer law") AND chlorophyll

Lab 7:


enzyme, salivary amylase, enzyme concentration

hydrolysis, reaction time

starch, substrate concentration


biochemistry, cell biology

enzyme kinetics

Broad Search:

(biochemistry OR "cell biology") AND enzyme AND kinetics

Narrow Search:

(enzyme OR salivary amylase OR "enzyme concentration") AND hydrolysis AND "reaction time"

Lab 8:

Mitosis and Meiosis

mitosis, nuclear division

meiosis, gamete formation

biochemistry, cell biology

cell cycle

Broad Search:

(biochemistry OR "cell biology") AND "cell cycle"

Narrow Search:

mitosis OR nuclear division


meiosis OR gamete formation

Lab 9:



Broad Search:

(biochemistry OR "cell biology" AND osmosis

Lab 10:

Agarose Gel Electrophoresis


nucleic acid, DNA, RNA



Broad Search:

electrophoresis AND ("nucleic acid" OR DNA OR RNA) AND sequencing