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Indigenous Content in the Mennonite Archives of Ontario: Settler Education

Settler Education

Here are listed materials and events meant to educate Mennonite settlers on Indigenous peoples and issues that are not part of collections listed elsewhere in this guide.

Tandi, 1976

Cree chief, lawyer and author Harold Cardinal speaks at "Tandi: Symposium on Native Peoples" planned by Conrad Grebel College students, 1976.

Educational Events

  • Tandi: Symposium on Native Peoples, Conrad Grebel College, January 20-22, 1976
  • Mennonite Peace Theology Colloquium II, 1 May 1979. Hist.Mss. MCC(C)
    This was a colloquium on northern development and Indigenous concerns in Canada.
  • “Walking with Our Native Neighbours” Women’s Missionary and Service Commission Ontario fall meeting, 1992. II-5.4.2/1


  • Dyck, Edna Krueger., and Lucy Gerber Borntrager. Native People in North America : a Mission Course of Study to Interest, Inform, and Inspire Children. Newton, Kansas: Published jointly by the Commissions of the General Conference Mennonite Church and the Conference of Mennonites in Canada, 1989. CGC KIT 81 (Library office)

  • Rempel, Elsie., Allen. Sapp, Sakoieta. Widrick, Ovid. Bighetty, Norman. Meade, Nicole. Lea, Pat. Pankratz, Jo. Cooper, and Theresa Meuse-Dallien. Reaching up to God Our Creator a Mennonite Church Canada Resource. Winnipeg, MB: Mennonite Church Canada, 2008. CGC KIT 50 (Library office)