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Recreation and Leisure Studies: Citations

What is a Style Guide?

A style guide describes a specific format for citing material used in your research papers and projects

It is the organization of specific elements, such as:

Date and place of publication
Volume and issue number

They provide essential information on formulating papers, creating outlines, punctuation, abbreviations, and more.

Why cite?

To cite is to provide credit for ideas that are not your own. Make sure to provide references for:

  • Direct quotations
  • Paraphrases of ideas and concepts
  • Statistics, data, and number sets

Citing is important because it:

  • Eliminates plagiarism
  • Allows others to find the sources used

APA Style

Citing Geospatial Data Resources

The following link provides information and examples regarding how to cite geospatial data resources:


refworks logo

RefWorks allows you to create your own personal citation database easily and quickly by importing references from online databases. You can use these references when writing papers and create your bibliography from a selection of citation styles, including APA.