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Slavic Studies: Reference



General encyclopædias


History and culture

Language dictionaries

Bilingual Dictionaries


Business Russian


Synonyms and Antonyms



    • A directory of online bilingual and multilingual dictionaries and glossaries freely available on the Internet.

Literary dictionaries and encyclopædias


  • Dictionary of Russian Women Writers.

    • Covers lives and works of 448 women writers for the period from 1760 to 1992.

  • Handbook of Russian Literature.

    • Signed entries cover authors, journalists and critics, literary movements and schools, periodicals, publishing houses, genres, themes, terms, etc. Gives titles of works in translation, with Russian transliterated titles in parentheses. Includes brief bibliographies of Russian and English sources and index.

  • The Modern Encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet Literature. (In progress)

    • Title changed with v. 10 to: The Modern Encyclopedia of East Slavic, Baltic and Eurasian Literatures. Consists of Soviet and Western contributions covering writers, works, movements, genres, etc. Includes non-Russian and emigre literatures. Attempts to cover the whole Russian and Soviet culture.

  • Reference Guide to Russian Literature.

    • A selective guide to the entire body of Russian language literature, from the Kievan period to the writing of the Russian Federation, with emphasis on 19th and 20th century authors. Author entries consist of long biographical and critical essays, accompanied by primary and secondary bibliographies. A section titled Introductory Essays provides summaries of specific literary genres and literatures by period.

20th to 21st Centuries


  • The Literary Encyclopedia

    • Covers world literatures in English. Entries include authors, philosophers, works, and topics/events.

  • A Soviet Literature Resource

    • Includes Texts and Documents & Bios.


  • Sean's Russia Blog

    • Blog written by Sean Guillory of the University of Pittsburgh. Includes essays and podcasts