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Earth & Environmental Sciences: Find Books

This guide provides help with creating searches; provides sources for books, articles, & data. It also provides contact information for help with finding & using information sources.

How to find a book

What is your question?

You need books on groundwater.

  • Search "groundwater," you get 3 000+ results

Too many search results? Refine your concepts

What do you need to know about groundwater?

You need information on chemical contaminants found in groundwater.

  • Search: "groundwater AND chemical contaminants"

Use these methods everywhere

The methods on this page also work for journal articles and web browsers.

Other tips on finding books

Find synonyms to search on

  • groundwater OR ground water

Try using subject headings. Books with these subject headings can be found in the library in the given call number range.


  • groundwater AND north america
  • natural disasters AND climate
Table of Subject Headings & Call Numbers
Subject HeadingsCall Number
Geomorphology GB 400–649
Groundwater, Hydrology, Hydrogeology GB 651–2998
Natural disasters GB 5000–5030
Oceanography GC 1–399
Environmental sciences GE
Geophysics QC 801–809.V3
Atmospheric sciences, Meteorology QC 851–999
Geology, general QE 1–350.62
Mineralogy QE 351–390.5
Petrology QE 420–499
Dynamic and structural geology, includes Geochemistry QE 500–639.5
Stratigraphy includes Quaternary period QE 640–699
Paleontology QE 701–760
Geology—health aspects RA 565–600
Environmental engineering TA 170
Engineering geology TA 703–721
Economic or applied geology TN 260

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