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Visual Culture and Film Studies: View Films

This subject guide describes the University of Waterloo Library's resources and services that support research in Visual Culture.

About this Page

This page lists options for viewing films.

Public Libraries

Borrow the video from a local public library.

UW's Film Collection & How to View Films

University of Waterloo Media Resources (IST) maintains a collection of over 30,000 streaming titles and 9,500 physical resources (i.e. DVDs, 16mm, VHS).

Search for films in the Media catalog

Streaming video portals

Resources and guidelines for streaming

Access the over 30,000 titles on streaming platforms provided by the University of Waterloo Media Resources (IST). Available streaming platforms include:

  • Criterion on Demand: Over 3000 feature films and feature documentaries on campus (IP authenticated) for both streaming and time-limited download. Use Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Digitalia Film Library: Selection of international feature films and documentaries from the Latin American collection, European collection and more.

To view a physical resource the collection

Online Sources