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Film Studies and Visual Culture: View Films

This subject guide describes the University of Waterloo Library's resources and services that support research in Film Studies and Visual Culture.

About this Page

This page lists options for viewing films.

Public Libraries

Borrow the video from a local public library.

UW's Film Collection & How to View Films

University of Waterloo Media Resources (IST) maintains a collection of films and videos. These are available for viewing in a classroom as well as in viewing facilities located in MC 1050.

Search for films in the Media catalog

Streaming video portals

Resources and guidelines for streaming

University of Waterloo Media Resources (IST) provides access to over 20,000 streaming titles. Some titles can be accessed directly on the company website, and some must be accessed through MediaNet. 

Criterion on Demand
University of Waterloo Media Resources (IST) provides access to over 3000 feature films and feature documentaries on campus (IP authenticated) for both streaming and time-limited download. Use Mozilla Firefox browser.

To view a film from the collection in viewing facilities

  • students and instructors may come to MC 1050 any time during Cheryl Petrie's office hours (8am to 4pm, closed 12-1pm)
  • a set up at a viewing carrel or in the preview room (if more than one person) will be provided

Tip: No appointments; service is on a first come, first served basis. Materials cannot be signed out for home viewing.

To view a film from the collection in a classroom

  • instructors need to book the title for the showing date with Cheryl Petrie via email, phone or in person
  • the materials may be picked up a day before the booking & are due back the day after the showing
  • TAs may pick up materials for the instructor OR a student operator may be booked to take the material to the classroom and show it

Tip: Longer loan periods can be arranged but term bookings are not possible.

To borrow a film from other university collections

  • when submitting a loan request, provide some lead time, preferably ca. 10 days
  • usual loan period is 3 days

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