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Public Health and Kinesiology Research: Citing & RefWorks

Common Issues in Academic Integrity for Waterloo Students

APA Style Guides

The full book: Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition, is available at several UW libraries.  

AMA(JAMA) and other styles

The full book: AMA Manual of Style (10th edition) is available online and in print at several UW libraries.  

Manage Your References with Refworks

Refworks is a useful tool to organize and manage references and is free for the University of Waterloo community. 

Create your own personal account using:

RefWorks Classic:  Older version of Refworks which is recommended for managing references for systematic reviews.  Useful for removing duplicate records and organizing the screening process.  

ProQuest RefWorks: Newest version of Refworks which is recommended for creating your own personal citation database and  to automatically format the bibliography for your paper.

Off campus?   Obtain the UW Group Code from the Refworks (Classic) guide

Import results from PubMed into Refworks

To save an entire set of search results and export to Refworks, perform the following:

  • Perform the search. 
  • Click on "Save" button.  From drop down menu, select Selections: All results; Format: PubMed. Click “Create File”. The file will download in your browser, and save in your 'Downloads' folder. 
  • Log in to your RefWorks account. Go to ReferencesImport. 
  • In the 'From Text File' section, make sure the Import Filter/Data Source is set to NLM PubMed, and the Database is set to PubMed. Click the "Choose file" button. 
  • Navigate to your downloads folder. Select the file called "pubmed_set".  Open it.
  • Your file will now appear beside the 'Choose file' button. You may import the files to a selected folder, or simply upload to the "Last Imported" folder. (All files will go to the "Last Imported" folder as well as any chosen folder.) Click Import.