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Statistics & Data: FAQ

Questions and Answers


Q: I have found a file on the DLI website and it says that I need to contact my DLI rep for access.

A: All of the datasets and files available through the DLI are available via ODESI. There's a link to ODESI on the Get Started page of this Guide.

Q: May I use datasets I got from the DLI (ODESI) for my co-op report?

A: It depends.

   You may if the work/report is requested by the University as part of the curriculum. In this case, you can use the data to write your paper, share the analysis with the employer, but NOT the datasets.

   You may NOT if the work/report is only requested by the employer as part of the job and not by the University as part of the curriculum. In this case, the employer would have to request the data from Statistics Canada or use the data that is freely available on the Statistics Canada website.

Q: Does the Library provide assistance with SPSS?

A: No, the Library does not provide a statistical consulting service or assistance with statistical software packages such as SPSS, SAS, Stata, etc. For assistance in these areas, please see the Get Started page of this Guide for appropriate contacts.