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Studies in Islam: Reference Works

Reference Sources

This page includes both print and online resources.  Some resources are specific to Studies in Islam; others are more comprehensive in the area of religious studies and include information on Islam.


Dictionaries and Handbooks

Online Dictionaries

Hans Wehr: A searchable, online version of the only dictionary serious students of the Arabic language need; you can search by typing in roots.

Lisaan Masry: A searchable (in both Arabic and English) dictionary of Egyptian Arabic.

Al Maany - Arabic-English, English-Arabic

Arabic Almanac - Arabic-English; enables you to search the Hans Wehr dictionary

Aratools - Arabic-English

WordReference - English-Arabic

Ectaco - English-Arabic

Fuzzy Arabic Dictionary - an Arabic-English dictionary allowing you to look up words without knowing their exact Arabic spelling

Albursq - Arabic to English Dictionary / English to Arabic Dictionary / Arabic Vocabulary

Ectaco English-Arabic Online Dictionary - Translates from English to Arabic and vise versa


Statistical Information