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Fire Research: Find Journal Articles and Conference Papers

A guide supporting the MEng program in Fire Risk Analysis research.

Why You Want Journal Articles and Conference Papers

Journal articles are highly focused sources of information and disseminate information faster than books.The big thing to look for is the peer-review process in which the article is commented on by other researchers before it is published.

The Search and Find Process

A proper search is usually more than typing a couple of words in a search box. Factors affecting what you get back involve spelling, use of quotation marks, synonyms. You often need to look critically at the results you get and try again. Some guides that can help are:


We Do Not Have Everything.

As the title says, we do not have everything. However, you can get copies of articles and technical reports via the Library's interlibrary loans (ILL) service. Many of the items arrive in less than a week. The service is usually free, but some charges may apply.

The starting point of ILL is to "Place An ILL Request". Here is a guide about using the service, which is offered by the Ontario Council of University Libraries.


Beyond Engineering

After You Have Finished Your Graduate Program

After you finish your graduate diploma in mechanical engineering, some of the electronic access privileges to the Library resources will be cut off. The institution where you work may have subscribed to the resources that you are looking for.

To get copies of articles, you could try your local public library and ask about its interlibrary loan (ILL) service. It works best if you have complete and accurate information about what you are looking for. You may want to verify the bibliographic information of your source in one of the databases below: