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Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Citing Market Research Resources

Although the APA provides clear instructions on how to cite standard publication types, some business-specific resources include unique information that doesn't directly match APA instructions. Because of that, some of the examples and instructions on this page represent the library's best interpretation of APA rules. 

Check with your instructor if you have specific questions about how they would like sources cited for your class. 

Citation Examples in APA Citation Style 


Surchi, M. (2011). The temporary store: A new marketing tool for fashion brands. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 15(2), 257-270. doi:


Business Source Elite

Laird, K. (2008). Missing: Statue of Liberty. Marketing Magazine, 113(8), 8. 

Datamonitor. (2011). Hilton Worldwide [company profile]. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database.



Hudson, K. (2006, September 28). Wal-Mart to trim options for health coverage. The Wall Street Journal, p. B2. Retrieved from Factiva database.


Frost & Sullivan

Mendelson, J. (2015). Electro-Optical/Infrared Systems - Technology Trends Impacting Military and Aerospace Sectors (TechVision). Technical Insights Reports. Retrieved from Frost & Sullivan database.



Alvarez, A. (2015, August). Hotels & Motels in the USIBISWorld Industry Report 72111. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.


MarketLine Advantage

MarketLine. (2012, June 28). Hilton Worldwide. [company profile]. Retrieved from MarketLine Advantage database.

MarketLine. (2011, November 2). United States - Hotels & Motels. [industry profile]. Retrieved from MarketLine Advantage database.



For dated items:

Pitchbook (2020, February 17) Samsonite Investors Profile. PitchBook. Retrieved from

For undated or dynamically-updated items:

PitchBook. (n.d.). Uber Company Profile. PitchBook. Retrieved January 11, 2019 from



Nielsen Scarborough. (n.d.) Watching sports: Number of people who watched a National Hockey League event on a cable TV within the last 12 months in the United States (USA) from spring 2008 to spring 2015 (in millions). In Statista - The Statistics Portal. Retrieved October 7, 2016, from


For more examples, take a look at the Citing Business Databases guide from MSU Libraries