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Digital Humanities: Get started

What is Digital Humanities?

Digital humanities can be understood both as a field in its own right and as a way of identifying digital research and project development efforts in specific humanities fields. More broadly, it also refers to any digital activity that furthers research in the humanities, or assists in the scholarly activities of its practitioners. Some of these activities may operate outside of any particular humanities field: for example, digital publishing or digital libraries.

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How to use this guide

How can you use this guide to help you with Digital Humanities?

This guide acts as a beginners introduction to the topic of digital humanities. Through the guide discover:

  • basic information to introduce yourself to the topic through books and articles
  • learn how to begin using digital humanities tools
  • find support for teaching and learning through example projects, video tutorials, webinars, etc. 
  • supporting resources for teachers and practitioners
  • information on other available resources to support other areas of digital humanities

Investigate digital humanities methods

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