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Music: Citing

Writing Help

The University of Waterloo Writing and Communications Centre is a hub of communication and writing practice, support, and research on campus.  They offer appointments for writing and citing assistance.

The Avoid Plagiarism, or How to Successfully use the Works of Others: Avoid Plagiarism subject guide was written by a UWaterloo Librarian for STEM courses, but has useful information that also relates to Arts subjects.

Citation tips when starting your research

Write your citations first, both for your bibliography and in-text notes, as soon as you start taking notes from the book or article you are using for research.  Bibliographies tend to be the last thing that is thought about before handing in any assignment, but doing your citations first will save time you time at the end. 

Change the automatic download name of any PDFs you save to the in-text citation of the article or chapter.  This will help you organize and find your saved resources.

Saving your Citations and References

Create your own personal database by importing references from online research databases, text files, and a variety of other sources. You can use these references in writing papers and automatically format the paper and the bibliography in seconds.  Zotero is a reference management software tool that is available to UWaterloo students, faculty, staff and alumni.