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Listen to Music Online

For problems access Naxos Music Library databases, contact Milton Good Library Staff at  Some online databases have limits to the number of simultaneous users, which can account for lack of access to specific databases at certain times.

Listening Library at the Milton Good Library

The listening library (Sound Stacks) at the Milton Good Library consists of compact discs, vinyl discs (LP’s), and cassette tapes. These are grouped by historical period (or genre in the case of contemporary music), then alphabetically by composer or performer names, or occasionally by title when the recording is a collection. Library patrons may ask for permission to browse through the collection, which is located behind the circulation desk.

Call Number Historical Period/Genre
100 Pre-Christian
200 Medieval
300 Renaissance (1450-1600)
400 Baroque (1600-1750)
500 Classical (1775-1825)
600 Romantic (1820-1900)
700 Contemporary (1900-)
720 Jazz
750 Popular Music
770 Folk Music
790 Electronic Music
800 Collections
900 Ethnomusicology