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Music: Find Scores

Music Scores - Print

To search for music scores in print at the Milton Good Library or other Omni libraries, follow these steps:

  1. Search in the Library catalogue (Omni) using the simple search field.
  2. Enter your keywords.  For example, composer, title, subject, instrument, form (sonatas, songs, etc.), opus number.
    • Note: the more keywords you use, the fewer the results
  3. Modify your results.
    • choose Resource Type: Scores
    • Do you need a score immediately?  Modify your results by Availability: Available in Waterloo Library to see only what is owned by UWaterloo libraries.  Keep in mind that it may take books from our Omni partners a few days to get here, so plan ahead.

Not finding what you are looking for?  Try searching for just the composer's name or add the keyword 'works' to see any complete collections of works.  For example, 'works', 'complete works', 'Sämtliche Werke', or 'oeuvres complétes.'

Music Scores - Online

There are many online score libraries for materials that are in the public domain: