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Research guide template v2: Get started

User experience and *Accessibililty* guidelines for your reference.

The recommendations are from our Emily Christofides, our User Experience Specialist. August 17, 2018.

  • Keep all guides consistent
    • Use the template provided
  • Use only two columns
  • Include a “Get started” tab
    • “About this guide” box
    • “Your librarian” Profile box
  • Keep number of tabs down (5 at most!)
  • Use prime real estate wisely
    • Be aware of “F” scanning
  • Limit extraneous words, links, images
  • Break down information into bite-sized pieces
    • Use headers, bullets, lists
  • Make process clear
    • Number any steps
    • Use “next” feature to move to next tab
  • Use visual design to group and differentiate info
  • Use boxes judiciously

Your librarian

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Kathy Szigeti
Davis Centre Library
Room 1553
519.888.4567 ext.48785