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AMA Style: The Basics for Pharmacy Writing: Book Chapter

Format and Example - Book Chapter

Note: When citing a book chapter, only the first word of the title should be capitalized (exception: proper nouns such as names of cities, etc.).


If each chapter has a different author, please use the book chapter formatting.  If the entire book was authored by the same person/people, please use the entire book formatting and include page numbers in text. 

If you are referencing a book chapter from the online version of the CPS, please use the drug database format when creating your reference.


Author(s) of chapter. Chapter title. In: editor(s), ed. Book Title. Edition number (do not indicate 1st edition). Publisher name; most recent copyright year:pages of chapter.

Example (Print book chapter)

  1. Solensky R. Drug allergy: desensitization and treatment of reactions to antibiotics and aspirin. In: Lockey P, ed. Allergens and Allergen Immunotherapy. 3rd ed. Marcel Dekker; 2004:585-606.

Example (E-book chapter)

  1. Schumock GT, Donnelly A. Business planning for pharmacy programs. In: Zgarrick DP, Desselle SP, Moczygemba LR, Alston G, eds. Pharmacy Management: Essentials for all Pharmacy Practice Settings. 5th ed.  McGraw-Hill; 2020:chap 7.  Accessed November 25, 2020.