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Biology: APA style

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Academic Writer Tutorial: Basics of Seventh Edition APA Style

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Citing Images

You must cite the source of an image used in a paper, lab report, presentation or seminar. When citing an image in the body of your paper, cite it in one of two ways:

Credit the source at the end of the image caption:

“Reproduced with permission from (a) H.E. Hoekstra and (c) J.L. Feder.”

“Reproduced from Thakur et al. (2008a) with permission (originally published in Nature,”

Credit images found on the Internet as follows:

Figure 2.  “Water lily [Nymphaeaceae] blooming in Saint Petersburg’s Botanical Gardens, September 2005,” by A. L. Olsen. Retrieved from the NBII (National Biological Information Infrastructure) Digital Image Library website, maintained by the Center for Biological Informatics of the U.S. Geological Survey,


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