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Political Science Research Guide: PSci 358 (Political Change in China)

Researching political change in China

Use this page to find: books, articles, reports, news sources, historical sources

Woman reading a newspaper amidst a small crowd, Beijing
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Book, article, report sources

Think tanks with strong interests in China:

Historical document sources

Government, intergovernmental, and nongovernmental information custom Google search

Try the steps below to retrieve information originating from various jurisdictions and types of organizations.


  1. enter keywords about your topic in the box
  2. use the drop down menu to select a country, region, or type of organization
  3. click on "Search"


Based on code developed at MacOdrum Library, Carleton University

News sources

Databases with newspapers from around the world:

Official Chinese government media organizations:

Media based in Asia with extensive coverage of China:

Facts, commentaries, & primary data