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Political Science Research Guide: PSci 283 (International Political Economy)

Researching the impact of Covid-19 on international political economy

The sections on this page feature collections and search tips to help you target sources that will complement the readings provided in the course syllabus.


  • news sources from around the world
  • scholarly articles and books
  • government and non-governmental organizations sources
  • Handbooks on international political economy

Resources for the research paper

Professor Ravenhill's list (Fall 2021)

Tips for searching for and accessing online materials

For each search:

1. Use good keywords to build search strings that will retrieve relevant documents containing all the aspects of your topic. Use the asterisk (*) to truncate words, use quotation marks ("  ") to force a phrase, and use OR with parentheses to group synonyms and AND to separate different concepts.

Here is a search string you can use and modify in the searches you do:

(covid* OR coronavirus) AND (women OR gender) AND ("global south")

2. Evaluate your list of results. Ask yourself is what I've found: 

  • recently published, so is likely to include up-to-date information? 
  • written by credible authors who are experts in the field?
  • presented in a balanced way, or if it is biased, it is clear how I might use it as an example/counter example in my paper?


IMPORTANT: Never PAY for articles or books. Library resources only require you to log in with your WatIam credentials, nothing more.


These news aggregators carry publications such as: The Economist, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Times (London), The New York Times, and The Washington Post. Use them to search these and other news sources from around the world with one search.

Scholarly articles and books

IMPORTANT: Never PAY for articles or books. Library resources only require you to log in with your WatIam credentials, nothing more.

Not sure how to find journal article? Here's a one page tip sheet to get you started.


Government, intergovernmental, and nongovernmental information custom Google search

Try the steps below to retrieve information originating from various jurisdictions and types of organizations.


  1. enter keywords about your topic in the box
  2. use the drop down menu to select a country, region, or type of organization
  3. click on "Search"


Based on code developed at MacOdrum Library, Carleton University

Handbooks and background reading

The boxes on this page lead you to electronic sources via the Waterloo Library. You may be asked to log in with your WatIam (Quest) ID and password.

Global Trade Alert via the Centre for Economic Policy Research

Political science librarian

Contact Jane Forgay for research help or ideas.
Send an email.