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Translations: Bilingual editions

Library Guide

Bilingual Editions and Parallel Translations

Finding a Bilingual Edition of a Work:


You are looking for a Bilingual Edition (English and Spanish) of Don Quixote:

  1. use the Advanced Search function in the OMNI Catalogue 
  2. Enter "don quixote" as title 
  3. AND enter the original or translated language (English) in the subject 
  4. Set the language as the language you did not choose for the previous step (Spanish)
  5. Click the Search Button to yield results
    • Advanced search through the University of Waterloo's Catalogue, title entry is "don quixote," subject entry is English. 
  6. At the top left of the results, ensure the sort by drop down menu is set to relevance (the bilingual editions should now be at the top of the results list). 
    • Results for the advanced search in the University of Waterloo's Catalogue. Relevance is highlighted in the "sort by" drop down menu.