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Architecture: Architecture Software

About this Resource

This resource is a curated list of LinkedIn Learning courses to provide support for Architecture students. This page includes software used in Architecture courses, common co-op jobs, or in the professional field. These courses are free and can be used to learn this software asynchronously, or used to find shorter reference videos within the course.


Skills Duration Level
Instructor: Shaun Bryant N/A B/I
AutoCAD 2020 for Mac 5h 17m B
AutoCAD 2021 Essentials 3h 58m B/I
3D Architectural Modeling 4h 26m I
Tips & Tricks 21h I

GIS Software

Skills Duration Level
ArcGIS Pro Essentials 2h 20m B
ArcGIS Python Scripting 2h 27m B/I
QGIS 2h 57m B
QGIS and Python for AEC 2h 18m I
GIS for Architecture 1h 18m B
Real World GIS 2h 43m I

3ds Max

Skills Duration Level
3ds Max 2021 Essentials 10h B
Cinematography 2h 24m A
Special Effects 4h 25m B/I
Revit Integration 2h 54m I
Tips & Tricks 22h I



Skills Duration Level
Solidworks 2020 Essential Training 8h 4m B/I
Mesh Tools 56m B
Animations 1h 55m B
Surfacing 1h 24m I
Sketching 2h I
Advanced Tools 42m A
Tips & Tricks 6h 8m I