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Optometry and Vision Science Research Guide: Books and Reference

Research resources and information for vision science.
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On the shelves: call numbers to know

  • Examination & Diagnosis: RE75-79
  • Eye surgery: RE80-87
  • Conditions/diseases of the eye: RE91-912
    • Glaucoma: RE871
    • Diabetic Retinopathy: RE661.D5
    • Macular Degeneration: RE661.D3
    • Cataracts: RE451
    • Binocular Vision Disorders: RE735
    • Ocular Motility: RE731
  • Colour vision tests, charts, etc. RE918-921
  • Refraction and errors of refraction and accommodation: RE925-939
  • Optometry, Opticians, & eyeglasses: RE939.2-981
  • Contact Lenses: RE977.C6
  • Artificial eyes and other prostheses: RE986-988
  • Ocular therapeutics: RE991-992
  • Optics: QC355, QP475

Other relevant call numbers in medicine:

  • Geriatrics: RC952-954.6
  • Paediatrics- specific diseases: RJ254-580
  • Human Anatomy: QM 1-529
  • Immunology: QR 180-353
  • Microbiology:QR 1-189
  • Physiology/Neurophysiology: QP 495
  • Visual Perception: BF 241, BF 311, BF 49, BF 720, BF 789
  • Evidence Based Practice: R723.7

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