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Optometry and Vision Science Research Guide: Summaries: Point-of-Care Tools

Research resources and information for vision science.
  Evidence-based research and practiceSummaries: Point-of-care tools


To be with the patient. In clinical medicine, point-of-care (POC) is often referred to as bedside care or bedside testing.  

POC tools are powerful reference tools that you can help you make and inform clinical decisions quickly. These mobile and online reference tools can "are those research and reference resources that a clinician can utilize immediately at the point-of-care with a patient. They are often easy to use and contain filtered information”1

Citing a POC tool

How to Cite UpToDate example:

Marion DW. Diaphragmatic pacing. In: UpToDate, Post TW (Ed), UpToDate, Waltham, MA. (Accessed on November 25, 2013.) 

Drug Point of Care (POC) Tools and Resources


e-Learning module: Point-of-care tools

Accessing Drug Information For Ocular Pharmacology

This interactive module introduces reliable, comprehensive, and evidence-based sources of drug information for ocular pharmacology. Coverage includes:

  1. Health Canada's Drug Product Database (DPD)
  2. Point-of-care tools available at the University of Waterloo:
    1. RxTx
    2. Lexicomp
    3. UptoDate