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Most of Dana Porter Library's print books are on the 6-10 floors. They are arranged by subject using the Library of Congress' alphanumeric classification scheme.

Here is a skeleton breakdown of the scheme how it is arranged in the Porter library by floor.

A-DS: 6th floor

A -- General works. Encyclopedias
B -- Philosophy. Psychology. Religion
C -- Auxiliary sciences of history such as chronology, heraldry, and genealogy
D -- DS World history and history of Europe, Asia

DS-HE: 7th floor

DS -- DX Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Romanies
E -- History of the United States including pre-settlement and Indigenous peoples
F -- History of the United States (state level), Canada, Latin America, Caribbean
G -- Geography. Anthropology. Recreation
H -- HE Economics

HF-NK3999: 8th floor

HF -- HX: Finance. Sociology. Women's history. Sexuality. Socialism
J -- Political science
K -- Law
L -- Education
M -- Music
N -- NK Fine arts and Architecture

NK4000-PR6067: 9th floor

NK-NX Arts in general
P -- PR Language and literature

PR6068-Z: 10 floor

PR Language and literature
Q -- Science. Mathematics
R -- Medicine. History of medicine
S -- T Agriculture and technology
U -- V Military and naval science
Z -- Bibliography. Library science

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