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History Research Guide: Get started

About this guide

This guide describes the Library's resources and services relevant to the study and research done by the History Department, University of Waterloo.

Library catalogue's new feature: limit to Waterloo online resources

Click on the image to open the library catalogue, select the second radio button to limit your results to resources you can access.

Library catalogue advanced search showing the "Waterloo online resources" radio button selected

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Encyclopedias, biographies, bibliographies

The American National Biography features Billie Holiday; Mark Twain; Jacqueline Onassis; Malcolm X, ...  And SO many more.

History research databases of scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles

Find articles on your topic that historians have published. From your search results, click on "Get it @ Waterloo"  to link to the articles subscribed to by Waterloo Library.

Graduate student information

Liaison librarian

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Jane Forgay
Jane Forgay

Having trouble finding good resources now that our library is closed for the foreseeable future? Let me know. I'll do what I can to help you find something online.

519-888-4567 x 45417