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History Research Guide: Indigenous sources for historians

Indigenous resources for UWaterloo historians

This page points to resources relating to the history of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples. The geographic and temporal coverage focus mainly but not exclusively on what is now Canada from the time of colonial settlement.

As with many academic disciplines in Canada, History has contributed to the othering of Indigenous Peoples. Too often, colonialist research methods have positioned Indigenous Peoples as the object of study. Approaching research about Indigenous Peoples ethically begins by recognizing that Indigenous communities are alive and vibrant, and are stewards of their own knowledge. Even the conceptualization of “Indigenous Peoples” needs to be considered with care: there many different Indigenous cultures and people in Canada. Indigenous Peoples do not exist as a monolith and Indigenous ways of knowing can differ between groups and cultures. It is important to be specific about the particular group or culture you are engaging.

The sections cover:

A work in progress:

This page reflects the ongoing work of Mike Chee, UWaterloo's history librarian. Mike (he/him) is a mixed-race settler Canadian, who acknowledges the Western-centric dominance in many areas of UWaterloo Library's history collection. He is committed to rectifying this imbalance by informing himself about Indigenous ways of knowing and by acquiring and making available Indigenous voices, scholarship, and research methodologies that are missing or difficult to find. 

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The Haldimand Treaty of 1784

2 photographs of maps showing the land promised to the Six Nations: Six miles on either side of the Grand River
Ken Whytock: "A pair of Haldimand Tract maps" CC license

Databases relating to Indigenous studies

This list of over 20 databases covers a mix of scholarly and primary sources across many disciplines and timeframes.

Selected Indigenous historians' perspectives

Primary sources: Indigenous peoples in Canada