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French Studies: Québec


Literature guides

Literary dictionaries and encyclopædias

   Canada and Québec

  • Brunet, Berthelot. Histoire de la littérature canadienne-française.
    • Ref PS8073.B89 Porter.
  • Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia
    • "The Encyclopedia collects and disseminates information on plays, playwrights and theatre practitioners."
  • Contemporary Canadian Authors.
    • Ref PS8081.C65x Porter. A bio-bibliographical guide to current Canadian writers in fiction, general nonfiction, poetry, journalism, drama, motion pictures, television, and other fields. Bibliographies include writings and bibliographical/critical sources.
  • Desmeules, Georges. Dictionnaire des personnages du roman québécois : 200 personnages des origines à 2000.
    • Ref PS8191.C37 D47 2003 Porter.
  • Dictionnaire des œuvres littéraires du Québec.
    • Ref PS8015.D5x 1978 Porter. Also available online at (In progress) Each volume of this work has a lengthy bibliography for the period covered. The author entries include bibliographical information, critical evaluation and reception, and primary and secondary bibliographies. Coverage extends from the "beginning" to 1980. Partly supplemented by: Tellier, Sylvie. Chronologie littéraire du Québec, 1760-1960.
  • Hamel, Réginald. Dictionnaire des auteurs de langue française en Amérique du Nord.
    • Ref PS8081.H35 1989 Porter. Supersedes the author's Dictionnaire pratique des auteurs québécois (Ref PS8073.H34 1976 Porter).
  • Helly, Denise. Romanciers immigrés : Biographies et œuvres publiées au Québec entre 1970 et 1990.
    • Ref PS8089.5.I45 H44 1993 Porter.
  • The Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature.
    • Ref PS8015.O93 1997 Porter. Also available electronically through the library's Oxford Reference Online. Contains entries on authors, notable works, genres, themes, regional literatures, etc. Emphasis on modern writing in both English and French Canada.
  • The Oxford Companion to Canadian Theatre.
    • Ref PN2301.O93x 1989 Porter.
  • Québec. Bibliothèque nationale. Écrivains québécois de nouvelle culture.
    • Ref CA2PQCU 30 B 2 Porter Gov Pubs. Provides brief biographies, accompanied by extensive primary and secondary bibliographies for ten authors.
  • Québec. Centrale des Bibliothèques. Littérature québécoise contemporaine.
    • Ref CA2PQE 15 B 1 Porter Gov Pubs. Includes 460 titles published to the end of 1981.
  • Société des écrivains canadiens, Montreal. Répertoire bio-bibliographique.
    • Ref Z1374.S67 Porter.
  • Tellier, Sylvie. Chronologie littéraire du Québec, 1760 à 1960.
    • Ref PS8131.Q4T44 1982 Porter. Supplementary volume to: Dictionnaire des oeuvres littéraires du Québec. Consists of three sections: 1761-1899, 1900-1939, 1940-1959, which are further sectionned by year and genre. Includes statistical tables of literary publishing in Quebec.
  • Vinet, Bernard. Pseudonymes québécois.
    • Ref Z1047.V55 1974 Porter.
  • Who's Who in Canadian Literature.
    • Library has: 1983/1984-1985/1986,1987/88,1992/93. Ref PS8081.W46x Porter. Biographical notes on French speaking authors are given in French.



  • Dictionary of Literary Biography
    • v. 53 Canadian Writers since 1960. First Series. Ref PS8081.C37 1986 Porter.
    • v. 60 Canadian Writers since 1960. Second Series. Ref PS8081.C373 1987 Porter.
    • v. 68 Canadian Writers, 1920-1959. First Series. Ref PS8081.C36 1988 Porter.
    • v. 88 Canadian Writers, 1920-1959. Second Series. Ref PS8081.C362 1989 Porter.
    • v. 92 Canadian Writers, 1890-1920. Ref PS8015.C36 1990 Porter.
    • v. 99 Canadian Writers before 1890. Ref PS8081.C358 1990 Porter.
  • Sylvestre, Guy. Canadian Writers. Écrivains canadiens. A Bibliographical Dictionary.
    • Ref PS8081.S9 1967 Porter. Offers brief bio-bibliographical data on more than three hundred and fifty authors. Covers nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Notes on French speaking authors are given in French.
  • Dictionnaire biographique du Canada.
    • Ref FC25.D4912x 1966 Porter. French version of: Dictionary of Canadian Biography.
  • Dictionnaire des écrivains québécois contemporains.
    • Ref PS8081.D53 1983 Porter.
  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography.
    • Ref FC25.D49x 1966 Porter.
  • Petit dictionnaire des écrivains québécois.
    • Ref PS8081.P48 1979 Porter. Entries consist of a short biography and a listing of works.
  • Dictionnaire biographique du Canada en ligne
  • Éditions du Boréal: Auteurs
  • L'île: L'infocentre littéraire des écrivains québécois​

Retrospective bibliographies

  • Bibliography of Canadian Bibliographies = Bibliographie des bibliographies canadiennes.
    • Ref Z1365.A1T2 1994 Porter.
  • Cantin, Pierre. Bibliographie de la critique de la littérature québécoise dans les revues des XIXe et XX2 siècles.
    • Ref PS8073.C25 1978 Porter.
  • Dionne, René. Bibliographie de la critique de la littérature québécoise et canadienne-française dans les revues canadiennes.
    • Ref PS8073.D55 1988 Porter. Covers 1974-1984 period.
  • Hayne, David M. Bibliographie critique du roman canadien-français, 1837-1900.
    • Ref Z1377.F8H3 Porter.
  • Tougas, Gérard. A Checklist of Printed Materials Relating to French-Canadian Literature, 1763-1968. List de référence d'imprimés relatifs à la littérature canadienne-française.
    • Ref Z1377.F8T7 1973 Porter. Covers works by and about specific authors.
  • Tremblay, Jean Pierre. Bibliographie québecoise : roman, théâtre, poésie, chanson, inventaire des écrits du Canada français.
    • Ref Z1377.F8T74 1973 Porter.
  • Littérature québécoise en 600 titres
    • (Bernard Andrès, Université du Québec à Montréal)
  • L'île: L'infocentre littéraire des écrivains québécois​

National bibliographies

  • British Library. French Québec: Imprints in French from Québec, 1764-1990, in the British Library. A Catalogue.
    • Ref Z1392.Q3B74x 1992 Porter.
  • Dionne, Narcisse Eutrope. Inventaire chronologique des livres, brochures, journaux et revues publiés en diverses langues dans et hors la province de Québec, 1904-1911.
    • Ref Z1392.Q3D5 1905 Suppl. Porter.
  • Dionne, Narcisse Eutrope. Invenatire chronologique des livres, brochures, journaux et revues publiés en langue française dans la province de Québec, depuis l'établissement de l'imprimerie au Canada jusqu'à nos jours.
    • Ref Z1392.Q3D5 1905 Porter.
  • Québec (Province). Bibliothèque nationale. Notices en langue française du Canadian catalogue of books 1921-1949.
    • Ref Z1377.F8Q4x 1975 Porter.
  • Tod, Dorothea D. A Check List of Canadian Imprints, 1900-1925.
    • Ref Z1365.T58 Porter; Z1365.T58 Porter.
  • Vlach, Milada. Catalogue collectif des impressions québécoises, 1764-1820.
    • Ref Z1392.Q3V52x 1984 Porter Rare Book.
  • AMICUS: Canadian National Catalogue
    • A catalogue listing the holdings of libraries across Canada. As a national catalogue, AMICUS not only shows the published materials held at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) but also those located in over 1300 libraries across Canada. AMICUS contains over 30 million records for books, magazines, newspapers, government documents, theses, sound recordings, maps, electronic texts as well as items in braille and large print.
  • Bibliographie du Québec (January 2003- )
    • Lists all documents published in Québec during the current year and the previous year, and acquired by legal deposit or purchased. Included are documents published abroad but related to Québec by author or subject.
  • Livres québécois à paraître et nouveautés
  • Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec
    • The BAnQ acquires, by legal deposit, all new documents published in Québec: books, journals, magazines, newspapers, cartographic documents, artists' books, music scores, prints, posters, art reproductions, postcards, sound recordings, software and microforms (microfiches and microfilms). Its holdings include also retrospective purchases, which helped to develop a nearly exhaustive collection of Québec's documentary heritage as well as large holdings of foreign publications about Québec.

Literary histories

  • Biron, Michel. Histoire de la littérature québécoise.
    • PS8131.Q8 B57 2007 Porter.
  • Cambridge History of Canadian Literature.
    • Ref PS8071.5. C36 2009 Porter.
  • History of Literature in Canada: English-Canadian and French-Canadian.
    • PS8061 .H56 2008 Porter.
  • Introduction à la littérature franco-ontarienne.
    • PS8131.O6 I58 2010 Porter.
  • Littérature et culture francophones de Colombie-Britannique : espaces culturels francophones.
    • PS8131.B8 L58 2004 Porter.
  • Mailhot, Laurent. La littérature québécoise : depuis ses origines : essai.
    • PS8073 .M28 2003 Porter.
  • Parcours Québécois : Introduction à la littérature du Québec.
    • PS8131.Q4 P37 2007 Porter.
  • La Vie littéraire au Québec.
    • PS8073 .V54 1991 Porter. Coverage from 1764 onwards.
  • The Cambridge History of Canadian Literature, v. 1